Sunday, May 22, 2011

An EP about Superman

Here's more shitty music that has nothing to do with Doug for you! Last month, I took a break from writing songs for my next dumbass album to record a short ep for one of my friends that graduated last week. For ridiculous reasons that don't make sense, the songs were either about how much Superman sucks, how awesome my friend's mom is, or both. And for the cover I recreated the cover of Action Comics No. 1, with myself in Superman's position, wearing the badass sweater her mom gave me a while ago.

So this is my friend's graduation gift, minus the songs that reference her mom. You can stream it on the bandcamp site. It's just 4 short songs, and really, I don't think I'd call the first one a song. It's just weird. I don't know what I was thinking. So I guess it's 3 songs and a weird 45 second intro. Oh, and a bonus song if you download it. The bonus song has nothing to do with Superman. It's about ewoks. That's why it's a hidden song that comes with the download.

1. The Sound Lois Made the First Time She Saw Superman's Weird Alien Genitals
2. The Functioning Alcoholic
3. To Teach a Man to Fish
4. The Dinner Party
5. March of the Ewoks (hidden)

There is no minimum on the price to download. At least for now, while I still have over 200 free downloads through my bandcamp site. So I recommend you put in "0" and enjoy. If you want to pay something for it, then know that it is much appreciated and I will put the money towards something badass. Like a racecar.

Anyway, I will be starting on season 3 of Doug this week, so if making fun of Superman isn't your thing, you'll be happy to know that I think I've got all that out of my system now. Doug, on the other hand, I have much more to say about.

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