Friday, January 15, 2010

Episode 4, Part 2: Doug Rocks


This is the episode that introduced The Beets. It starts with Doug writing about how he didn't have a favorite band, but Skeeter's favorite band was The Beets.

See how much he loves them? He has posters and a wig that doesn't look like any of the band members' hair. Doug tells Skeeter he doesn't know who The Beets are...

...and like any good friend, Skeeter begins Doug's education of The Beatles by teaching him how to play air guitar. This causes (surprisingly) the only fantasy Doug has throughout the episode. (though it is riddled with his crazy reality via Porkchop and Roger's cat, who wear wigs and fight throughout the episode.) Anyway, playing air guitar makes Doug imagine he is the lead singer of The Beets.

Seriously. He was playing air guitar, and the picture faded into this fantasy of him singing. Poor Doug. Of course, what delusional sequence would be complete without Patti showing her irresistible love for Doug.

And that's the end of the fantasy. It fades out to reveal Doug and Skeeter walking on the street...

Doug's arms are raised like that because of that aspect of his fantasies that consumes his actions in real life. Yes, it happened again. Of course. It's also worth noting that his fantasy started in Skeeter's bedroom, and ended on the street with Skeeter following him, perhaps participating in the fantasy without realizing the seriousness of the situation (as always).

Anyway, Roger comes along and informs them of a sold out surprise Beets show in Bluffington that night. He came to brag that he got the last two tickets. He hangs around at Skeeter's house until it's time to leave for the show. He's such a dick the entire time. It makes no sense at all why Doug and Skeeter let him hang out. "Well, thanks for letting us know we can't see our favorite band tonight. Would you like to come in while we wallow in self pity?" But oh wait, the radio station has two tickets for whoever can call in and answer 3 Beets trivia questions first!

Of course they won! It was a fluke too. The final answer was "Beets Me" and Skeeter and Doug didn't know the answer so Doug said "Beats me..." and they won. Dumbass radio stations with their answers being the equivalent of "I don't know."

Here's a shot from this sequence of events I just love...

Notice that the writing on Roger's shirt is backwards. I don't think this was merely an animation mistake. This is right after Doug and Skeeter won the tickets. In Doug's mind, Roger's endless taunts about being able to go when they can't have just been turned back on him. He wasted his entire afternoon taunting them because they can't go. They didn't even know about the concert until he came along. They wouldn't have been listening to the radio to hear about the contest for tickets if he hadn't turned it on and remarked about the tuba solo. If Roger had waited until the next day, he could have informed them of what they missed all the same. Doug literally sees Roger backwards here because his actions have been totally counter productive. Also, there appears to be a face on the laundry basket. I don't know what that's about...

Oh, but Skeeter pisses off his dad at dinner (which Roger was also invited to) and gets grounded so he can't go.

So, with Skeeter grounded, Doug decides to stay back with him instead of going to the show. Pretty dumb, but even worse is that Skeeter's parents allow Doug to hang out with him anyway. Skeeter is grounded. He shouldn't have guests. That's not how groundings work. They make a lot of noise, piss off Mr. Valentine again, and the three of them get kicked out of the house. Again, a failure to understand how groundings work. Doug is obviously a bad influence on your kid, Mr. Valentine, and you kick Skeeter out of the house late in the evening because you're tired of the noise he's making with Doug and Porkchop. This show is riddled with bad parenting.

They go to the Honker Burger, and find it empty because everyone must be at the concert. So they're rocking out to the radio when The Beets roll up in their bus, start rocking out with Doug, Skeeter, and Porkchop, get their milkshakes, and leave after throwing jackets to the three of them. Yes, even Porkchop got a Beets jacket.

Throughout the entire episode, Porkchop wears this mohawk wig...

There are several wigs thrown around throughout the episode. None of them look like Beets hairstyles, which leads me to believe that Doug associates rock music with stupid wigs.

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  1. which leads me to believe that Doug associates rock music with stupid wigs.

    Blame it on 80's "Hair Metal" for most of it perhaps! We all pretty much equated rock music to stupid hair styles because it was all there was.

    Mr. Valentine did come off like an a--hole in this episode. Why couldn't he just tell Skeet and Doug to leave before even grounding them at the dinner table? That would've made better sense and we wouldn't have to put up with the clumsy parenting that ensues.


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