Thursday, February 17, 2011

Episode 21, Part 1: Doug Saves Roger

This episode is an anomaly. Doug doesn't have a single fantasy in this episode. That just means there's not much to say about it. The opening sequence looks and feels like a fantasy. It starts with Roger running through the school as he's clearly being chased by someone bigger than him. He bumps into Doug and falls on his knees, begging for help.

This is just a piece of what happens later.

So what could frighten Roger so much? That would be Mr. Bone's nephew Percy Femur. He transferred in. Roger was planning the welcoming committee.

They were ready with extra large spitwads, a burping lunch tray, and disintegrating homework paper. Mostly harmless pranks. Oh, and they had water balloons.

As you can see, Roger has written "PERCY" on all of them to avoid confusion.
And then they finally see Percy.

Mr. Bone's nephew is apparently 25 years old. Also, he's an asshole.

And so it goes that Percy is to be Roger's bully. He uses the water balloon in the above image on Roger, after misquoting Casablanca with, "I can see that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship." Then there's this.

Everyone points and laughs and Roger is too scared to take it off.

Later, Percy spits a huge spitwad in Roger's face (hope he doesn't have rabies) and hoses him off with the water fountain.


Every time Mr. Bone shows up, Percy pretends to be Roger's friend. After tripping him, he helps him up because the yodeling jackass walks up.

At some point Doug says to himself/Porkchop, "Maybe Roger can be annoying, but Mr. Bone's nephew was just plain mean." A rather obvious observation. Probably used the intelligence of a quail to come to that conclusion.

After school, Roger comes out of hiding because Doug doesn't see Percy around. Doug tries to tell Roger to talk to Mr. Bone about it, but he thinks it is futile because after years of being a jerk, why would Mr. Bone believe him? Oh, then Percy walks up.

Roger runs away.

The next morning, Percy starts early by giving him a hurts donut.

Roger says, "Oww, that was my nose you big goon!"

Big mistake. Nobody calls that thug a goon. NOBODY! And so this is where the chase at the beginning happened. Roger bumps into Doug, begs for help, and Doug hides him in his locker.

Doug tells Percy to lay off Roger. He says okay, then commits to beating up Doug after school. Percy is just an asshole.

So after school, Doug and Skeeter talk about how quickly Roger took off before Percy shows up.

Looks like a fair fight. Percy pulls his fist back and someone catches his wrist.

Roger and his goons finally told Mr. Bone about everything. Percy is going back to his old school. And now they're all friends, going to the Honkerburger.

So that's it. I don't know. I wish there was at least one fantasy sequence, but they had to spend too much time showing you what an asshole Percy was so Doug would finally feel sorry for Roger enough to actually do something.

The title is a bit misleading as always. I mean...yeah, Doug saved Roger, but it was after days of torture. He could've saved him on the first day by telling Mr. Bone what was going on. Mr. Bone might not believe Roger about it, but he would listen to Doug, Skeeter, and any of the supposed good students if they told. Roger saved Doug just as much as Doug saved him. He just did it faster than Doug. How many times does Roger have to prove that he just wants to be Doug's friend? First he throws the party for Doug's first year in Bluffington, and now he saves him from a real asshole. I suppose they don't cancel out all of the annoying things Roger does that pretty much everyone does to all of their friends all the time though.


  1. Doug and his big mouth. How could anyone not see what they'd be walking into in that situation? But at least Roger did the right thing and again showed his good side and that he does have at least a little desire for friendship with Doug.


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