Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Introducing: Doug Funnie

Doug Funnie is the 11 year old son of Theda Opal and Phillip Funnie; sister of Judy. He keeps a journal. He plays banjo. He's new to Bluffington, and as the new kid, he's having a hard time finding his place. When I say, "he's having a hard time finding his place," I mean he's fucking crazy.

Doug Funnie is crazy.

It is rather difficult to accurately diagnose Doug's particular brand of psychosis. He is prone to delusions of grandeur, delusions of guilt, and delusions of reference, often mixed with grandiose delusions. The evidence is piling up against Doug's young brain, and most of it points to manic bipolar disorder.

The real tragedy of Doug is how no one in his life realizes that he needs help. His dad is too busy with his new department store photographer job (a job apparently so lucrative it is worth moving your family to Bluffington), and his mom is too busy being largely unnoticeable herself (seriously, I had to look up her name and was surprised to learn it was Theda Opal) to realize that his day dreams are more than an overactive imagination. They interfere with his every interaction with other humans.

As our only view into the life of Doug Funnie is through 11 minute episodes based on his own journal entries, we must rely on his own writing to prove his insanity.


  1. So both Doug and Charlie Sheen are bi-polar?

    Makes sense to me. So similar.


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